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In 1896, a church was built upon a hill;

A small congregation seeking their Father’s will.

With love and faith they followed the guidance of the Lord;

Giving Him glory and praises and following His word.


A vessel for the Savior, this church is full of love.

The doors are open to all who seek the Lord above.

The ministries it began a long, long time ago

Have touched so many lives and brought so many home.


We’re proud to be a hundred, and see how far we’ve come;

Yet we look ahead, because our work is far from done.

By seeking only the Father, it’s His righteousness we search.

His will we carry out at Mineola Baptist Church.


B. Lynn Simmons

for the Mineola Baptist Church Centennial

June 12th 1996

The Story

1896 First Baptist Church of Christ of Mineola, MO (later known as Mineola Baptist Church) organized with 30 members.


1904 Dedication of the first church building. Services held once per month.

1905 Sunday School was organized

1918 Church building was destroyed by a tornado known historically as "The Mineola Cyclone" ~ Services held in members' homes

1920 Dedication of second church building

1937 Basement added under the church building

1945 Services changed to twice per month

1949 Sunday School classrooms added in basement

1955 Services changed to full time

1962 Educational annex added to east end of church building

1965 Church library started. New Organ purchased


1967 Parsonage purchased in Danville

1977 Dedication of new parsonage on church grounds

1987 Decommissioning service held for church building

1987 First service held in third church building

1996 "A Century of Ministry" anniversary celebration!

2001 Youth mission trip to Mexico

2003 Church bus purchased

2005 New organ purchased

2005 Licensed Will Hoffmann to the Gospel ministry

2005 Ordained Jeremy Plymale to the Gospel ministry

2020 New Church bus purchased

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